The Toyristic Sisters Making Crunchy Slime Poopsie Slime Surprise

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If you are a fan of the LoL Dolls, you are bound to love Poopsie Slime!


What is Poopsie Slime?

According to my daughter Saeedah


“Poopsie Slime” is a slimy like object made when specific powders, liquids, sparkles and Crunches, are combined together”.


It’s a fun and creative toy which comes nowadays in different forms — unique style, look and even scent. This “toy” has become so popular among children.

One set comes with a number of bottles and sachets containing powder, liquid etc. You can also get playmates like the sparkly critters Poopsie slime cupcake kids and Cutie Tootsies.

All of these work to engage you in a number of activities. The main goal of all these activities is to make slime, add magic and store the slime in either, the Poopsie box or anywhere else.

Well, the pack comes packaged with a few surprises. Each of these come in a case that unrolls like a tissue roll. Once you unroll its cover, you discover the unicorn magic, the unicorn food, the secret scent, a unicorn spoon, water, a cup (container) to mix and the Poopsie itself. The variety of Poopsie as well as the containers and scents work to make the game an exhilarating one as you get to guess and anticipate as you open the cases. The fact that the pack comes with a list of Poopsie that are in the range only works to make you want to tear them apart as soon as you get your hands on them.

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How do you make slime?




Once you open the pack, get the unicorn food, the water and the scent.

Add five drops of the secret scent into the water and shake for 1 10 minutes.

Then leave it to set for about 10 minutes.

Once it sets, it becomes a soft-jellyish matter.

You can now add sparkles, crunches etc..


If you want to add the unicorn magic, place the slime in your hands, create a little hole, then pour the unicorn magic into it. Then mix it in, stretching it as you go until the magic is spread throughout the slime. Then put your slime into the Poopsie.

Most Poopsie pack comes with instructions on how exactly to do it.



Poopsie Slime variety



Poopsie slimes come in four categories: the regular, the rare, the ultra-rare and the super ultra-rare. All of whom seem to come from a number of different places.

For instance, Campfire Caca hosts Doodie Blossoms, P.U, Scratch and Squiggle, while Junk Foodie Doodies hosts Saucy Slice, Mustacio, Cluck-a-doo, Veggie Pie, and Queen Moo. Holiday Doo Lites is yet another mystical place that hosts Ghost Poop, Wingsy, Frost Doodie, Noel Doo-Doo and Poola Chills.

You may also get a few Bougie Poops like Bling, logo Puitton, Dooco and Nugget. The unicorn magic comes in either sparkle, metallic or sheer.

There’s a lot more to enjoy in the Poopsie Slime collections. If you need help making your Poopsie Slime, we advice to check out videos on YouTube