Simple Maintenance Tips For Your LOL Dolls

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Children and toddlers of all ages absolutely love and adore dolls. There are so many doll types in the market today and LOL dolls remain one of the highest-selling dolls. LOL Dolls are fun, easy to play with and could give the children a sense of belonging and responsibility.

Just like other dolls, LOL dolls come with maintenance tips and if you want to figure out how to care for them the perfect way, we have come up with tips that would guide you. They include;

Wash Your LOL Dolls’ Hair Often

To care for your LOL doll, you need to wash it every now and again. If the hair is so dirty, it should take you about ten minutes, but if it is just a little dirty, three minutes should do. The real essence of soaking the hair is to wash the dirt off in an easy manner. It is better to use boiling water but be careful not to brim yourself. After this, use your shampoo and hair conditioner to carefully wash the hair. After this, rinse it out with lukewarm water.

Never Soak Your LOL Doll

If you want to clean up your LOL doll, never soak or immerse it in water. Rather, use a soft cloth dipped in water to wipe the entire body and get rid of the dirt. If you do otherwise, it could get the doll’s body to swell up.

An alternative is also to use alcohol to remove the dirt, especially if there are ink marks on them. You could also use cotton buds in areas that are difficult to reach. You need to do this carefully, to prevent the alcohol from permanently removing some facial features and even makeup.


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Keep the LOL Dolls in a Cool Place

It is very important to remember that you have to keep your LOL Dolls in cool and comfortable places. Extreme weather and environmental conditions can quickly damage the doll, and you definitely don’t want that. If you don’t have a dollhouse, you can easily put it in a drawer or in a corner in the closet. Also, never take your LOL doll into places close to fire e.g. the gas cooker, oven or grill as it can melt away the body parts.

Change Clothing and Wardrobe for Your LOL Dolls

To give your LOL doll a new look every now and again, you can try to switch up things by giving the doll a makeover. You could get skirts, shorts, pants, jeans, crop tops and any other thing you could think of. For a more stylish and playful twist, you can get clothes appropriate for all seasons; springs summer fall and winter.

These clothes should also be washed as often as possible; however, you have to wash the clothes in acid-free detergent or soap. It should be washed gently so the fabrics would not tear out.


With these tips in place, you can be sure that your LOL doll will last longer, as long as it is well maintained and cared for.