Neon Q.T. — “Technicolor Sparkle, Baby!”


Just as her name suggests, the Neon Q. T doll comes in neon bright colors that vary in every part of her body. She comes in a ‘ready to party’ look that is just perfect! Her hair, caught in a tight bun with a bush- layer at the front, is neon gold, with a sparkly pink front.

She has glowing brown skin and comes wearing a shiny pink top that matches her hair down to the sparkle.

She also wears a neon gold belt, a blue and yellow skirt matched with socks that come in two different colors: neon blue and neon pink. This baby is literally impossible to miss! And to add to her forward look, she comes wearing attitude filled glasses.

Series & Club

She is from series 2 and in the Cosplay club


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