LOL Surprise OMG Dolls, Swag, Lady Diva, Royal Bee, Neonlicious

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The LOL Surprise OMG Dolls 2019 are  Swag, Lady Diva, Royal Bee, and Neonlicious. These dolls came out on July 7th and they are pretty awesome. They are quite different and unlike the traditional lol surprise dolls.


Swag OMG Doll


swag lol omg


She a little sister called MC Swag. She likes to dress and wear kool outfit. She is from series 1


Lady Diva OMG Doll


lady diva omg doll

She a little sister named Diva. She likes to sing and dress in animal prints. She is from series 1


Royal Bee OMG Doll


Royal bee omg doll


She has a little sister called little Queen Bee. She likes to wear golden and black clothes and accessories. He hair, bag and pants are sparkly and she is fashionable. She is from series 1


Neonlicious OMG Doll


Neonlicious omg doll


She has a little sister called Leon QT. She likes to Neon colors and her hat is a leopard and she has a bag that looks like a doll. She likes to do fashion shows. She is from series 2


LOL OMG Dolls Box


The lol omg box comes with the following:

  1. 20 have surprises
  2. They have real hair
  3. They have lots of accessories
  4. They have outfits
  5. They have shoes
  6. It has a mirror
  7. It has a changing room
  8. They come with their own fashion magazine
  9. They have a shoebox
  10. They have a hangar for their clothes


Where to buy LOL OMG DOLLS?

You can buy any of these dolls from your local superstore, Walmart, Toysrus or from Amazon.

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