Kitty Queen — “Purr-fection”

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Beautifully-tanned skin, sparkling brown eyes, and a silver glittering hair are important features of this cute little LOL doll. But there are other interesting attributes; her glittering pink tank top that matches her thigh-length pink boot and her pink cat ear headband.

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An interesting fact about this character is that she is the second LOL doll themed after a cat.

Guess which celebrity she was built to resemble? Ariana Grande! Think of the ponytail, the cat ears, and how adorable they both are.

Series & Club

She is from the Series 2 and she belongs to the Glitteratti club.


She is a rare breed, but an utterly important one and once you hear her favorite quote; Purr-fiction, know that it’s time for Kitty Queen.

She has an another white-glittery outfit

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