How To Make LOL Doll Dresses

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Making outfits for your LOL Dolls could be fun and easy to do. You can make outfits like tops, dresses, pants, gowns and even skirts from just small pieces of fabric. All you have to do is have some simple craft supplies like gum or glue and you’re ready to create an entire wardrobe for your doll.

Due to this, we have compiled some easy steps that would guide you in making your LOL Doll dresses. They are;

Select Fabric and Cut

The first step in making the perfect outfit for your LOL doll is to choose the fabric and cut It out. It is advisable that you use a strong fabric, to prevent it from tearing. It should be as long or as short as you want it to be, it all depends on your choice. You could select a couple of cloth or fabric pieces, which all depends on the number of clothes you want to make for your LOL doll.

Choosing bright colors like pink, red, purple would also make the clothes look playful and fun.

Trace Out the Edges Through the Legs

With a pen or pencil, trace out the edges of the LOL Dolls legs to choose the perfect fit for the outfit. It all depends on what look you’re trying to achievers the cuts are slightly different from one another. A good way to start to take a look at the doll clothes you want to see and bring out the exact one. This makes it easy for you as you get to put it side by side. When this is done, you can even correct the mistakes you might make while cutting out the fabric.


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Cut Out the Pieces

After the first two steps, the next thing you need to do is to cut the pieces out. You need to be extremely careful though, so as not to cut the parts of the fabric you will still need. When you are done with this, see up and glue the pieces of fabric together. Ensure you don’t do this inside out as the non-print part of the fabric must always face out. If you decide to use glue, you need to be careful because if it doesn’t dry properly, it could damage the entire fabric and even the LOL Doll.


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Turn the Outfit Inside Out

Once the glue has dried up, you can easily turn the outfit inside out so the seams and other joinings wouldn’t be visible. If you feel like you need to invert the pants, you can always use a pen to mark it out. After this, you can try them out in your doll to make sure it fits perfectly. You can also make any adjustments if need be. Just ensure that the clothes fit the LOL Doll perfectly.


You could choose fabrics that are bright and extremely easy to wash. Make as many LOL Doll clothes you want to make, and you could keep switching things as often as you want to.