How to Find Ultra Rare LOL Dolls and Boy LOL Dolls

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Have you ever walked on the street and you took time to observe people who had a couple of things in common with you? Like, picking out people who drive a particular car or people who wore the same cloth as you? How did you feel? Well, you don’t need to remember the feeling when you’re buying LOL dolls if you follow these tips on getting ultra-rare LOL dolls.

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You know the hype surrounding ultra-rare LOL dolls and boy LOL dolls? Well, it’s true. You absolutely need to get the skills required to spot and buy rare LOL dolls, and this article will tell you everything you need to know.

But before we even dig deeper into the whole mysterious process, are you familiar with LOL surprise dolls i.e. characters, series, clubs etc?

What are LOL Dolls?

Have you ever pondered the full meaning of LOL surprise dolls? If you think it means Laugh Out Loud dolls, think again. How about we give you some options to choose from;

  • Lots of Love Dolls
  • Little Outrageous Littles Dolls
  • Living Out Life Dolls

Which did you choose?

The last option would probably be option 2; Little Outrageous Littles Dolls, right? Unfortunately (or fortunately), that is what LOL dolls stands for.

You may ask, how do we know that is true? Well, if you check the original packaging for the first ever dolls produced, you will see that they were called LOL Little Outrageous Littles. It was just recently (the second round of production) that the manufacturers – decided to change the label to LOL Surprise.

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So, without a doubt, you are now convinced that LOL dolls stand for Little Outrageous Littles.

How to Find Ultra Rare LOL Dolls and Boy LOL Dolls

We know that the only reason you continued reading this far is because you have high hopes of seeing a rare LOL doll that you can buy, this is understandable. And now it’s time to deliver on our promise to you. Here’s a list of some of the rare LOL dolls you can ever find.

Cosmic Queen (Series 1 and Glitter series)Kitty Queen

  • Sugar Queen
  • The Queen
  • Cozy Babe
  • Crystal Queen
  • Glitter Queen
  • Queen Bee (Series 1)
  • Lil Glitter Queen
  • Lil Crystal Queen
  • Lil Queen
  • Lil Kitty Queen


But there’s a big difference between finding rare dolls and finding some of the rarest LOL dolls you can ever find. If you see any of these ultra-rare dolls listed below, do not hesitate to jump on the wagon.

  • Queen Bee (Glitter series)
  • Purple Queen
  • Stardust Queen
  • Splash Queen
  • Lil Purple Queen
  • Lil Stardust Queen
  • Lil Queen Bee
  • Lil Splash Queen
  • Lil Sugar
  • Lil Spice
  • Lil Cheer Captain
  • LIl M.C. Swag
  • Lil Roller Sk8ter
  • Lil Center Stage
  • Splash Meow-Maid
  • Fancy Haute Dog
  • M.C. Hammy
  • Cherry Ham

Is there Any Secret to Finding Rare LOL Dolls?

There’s really no life hack to finding rare LOL dolls except knowing the dolls that are rare and those that aren’t.

The truth is that not every LOL doll is produced with the same frequency, so you are bound to see some more than you see others.

There are materials we recommend that will always help you identify LOL dolls and the rare ones. For example, on this website are LOL dolls quite a good number of LoL surprise dolls and the features of each doll in the series. This means that for every spicy gist on LOL dolls, you get it first.

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You can also follow active LOL doll bloggers on social media; this is another good way of getting the juice.

But one LOL doll category that always classifies as ‘rare’ is the boy LOL doll category. This is because there aren’t so many of them and they didn’t even start production until Series 3.

So, sit back and enjoy the preview of boy LOL dolls we give you.

L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy

Boy LOL Dolls

So, it’s no longer news that there’s a new wave of LOL dolls and this means we have a couple of boy LOL dolls available to us right now.

In case you’re not familiar with the different boy LOL dolls and the wave to which they belong, this should serve as a refresher.

Punk Boi: tot from Series 3 wave 2
Lil Punk Boi: lil brother from Series 3 wave 2
Bebe Bonito: lil brother from Series 4 wave 2
Scribbles: tot from Series 4 wave 2
Lil Sk8er: lil brother from Series 4 wave 2

Final thoughts

There isn’t any hack to finding ultra rare  or boy LoL surprise dolls, like i made mention in the beginning, these dolls are produced in the same frequency  — sorry to say but, we are at the mercy of luck when it comes to finding a rare dolls such as the once listed above.

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