How To Arrange LOL Dolls

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LOL Dolls are extremely popular, especially with little children. But they come with a whole of packaging, so arranging it could be a tad bit stressful. Moreover, it won’t be a great idea to just leave the Dolls lying anywhere around the home. Having a method of arrangement keeps the LOL Dolls organized and that way, nothing gets lost. If you want to figure out how to arrange your LOL Dolls, read on to get an insight.

Decide Where You Want to Arrange Your LOL Dolls

Before you think of how you want to arrange these beautiful Dolls, make up your mind about where you’ll arrange them. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your house, you could use it as a major store place for your LOL Dolls. When you eventually figure out where to put them, remember to take away any hot light bulbs or fluorescent, so as to prevent melting. LOL Dolls are better in a cool and dry place and not with places that have extreme temperatures.

Arrangement Option

After you have figured out the room in which your LOL Dolls would be, you need to fix the issue in which you’ll display your Dolls. There are many options; from shelves to cabinets to table tops. It all depends on you and your preference. The only issue with putting Dolls on the shelf is that dust mites and other dirty material easily get to them, which means you have to clean them out often. However, you could arrange the LOL Dolls neatly in a cabinet with a glass door that allows for proper aeration. This works extremely well for all LOL Dolls.

Sort Them According to Their Sizes

Another way to arrange the LOL Dolls perfectly is to place them according to their size. Asides from saving space, it also makes them easy to locate, especially when you have a whole lot of them. It also reduces clutter as children would easily sight the LOL doll and pick it up right away, without having to scatter the entire place. In addition to that, the LOL Dolls could also be color coordinated, and this would even make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Put Them Within Reach

When arranging LOL Dolls, you need to keep them within reach; they have to be as accessible as possible so your children can get to play with it whenever they want to. Decide where you want to keep these Dolls and let your children be able to get it whenever they want. This way, they wouldn’t have to tell you to get the LOL Dolls every time they want to play with them.


Arranging your LOL Dolls shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you know the steps to follow. Instead of leaving the house in a mess with LOL Dolls lying around, it is better you figure out how to arrange them. It would make your house cleaner and your house chores less stressful.

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