Boys Need LOL Surprise Dolls Too

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Yes, Boys Need LOL Surprise Dolls Too. The first boy in the series belongs to the Rock club and he is everything you can picture a Rockstar to be. Don’t expect to see him so easily as he’s ultra rare. In fact, you have to put in work to have him, but you know he’s totally worth it.

Here’s the first thing you notice about him, his mohawk style of cerulean hair surrounded by a cobalt blue dyed hair. The second thing should be the black and white shirt he dons saying TROUBLE in the capital. He is also always with his brown sweatbands and black sneakers.



For quite some time now, the society has put some sort of gender construct for the ownership of LOL Dolls. They have this false belief that LOL Dolls are only meant for female children. Most people feel like boys must not play with LOL Dolls.


L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy


To them, boys are meant to play with motor cars, Legos and other “masculine toys”. However, just like toys, LOL Dolls should be seen as an object of fun, learning, and creativity. No matter the gender of a child, they shouldn’t feel like they have limits as to what type of toy they have to play with.


Boys Need LOL Surprise Dolls Too


There are some benefits attached to letting your boy play with LOL Dolls. Here are a couple of them;


LOL Dolls Prepare Them for Fatherhood


Who says it’s too early to groom your son to be a great dad? These days, while it seems like just girls are shaped and trained to become great mothers to their children, having a LOL doll would prepare your son for fatherhood.

Let them enjoy the process as they will practice all sorts of things like comforting, feeding and caring for it. They can easily emulate how they see older people care for children, and they will do the same exact thing for the doll. Who knows? You just might be raising the next best dad in the entire world.


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Eliminates the Unnecessary Stereotype


The media has a way of depicting unnecessary stereotypes and building gendered toys in a more defensive manner. They see Dolls as somewhat “soft” for a boy. This is really sad, and it is one of the things LOL Dolls hopes to eliminate. The idea of masculinity shouldn’t be embedded in something as minute as a toy, so by giving your son a LOL Doll, it makes him understand that masculinity has nothing to do with the kind of toys you either own or play with.


L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Glitter Series Doll with 7 Surprises


It Creates Open-mindedness


This goes hand in hand with eliminating the stereotypes. LOL Dolls makes your son understand that people are different, so he’ll tend to accept people just the way they are, rather than judge them unnecessarily. Also, when he grows up, he’ll be able to reason properly and take people’s view into consideration. This is beneficial to him in the long run as he’ll grow up to be a responsible and open-minded adult.


LOL Dolls Help in Embracing Femininity


Giving your son a LOL doll makes it easy for them to value the essence of being a lady. Rather than what parents think, LOL Dolls would never allow their sons to become an easy target for bullying. There is absolutely nothing wrong in playing with a LOL Doll, and the earlier your boy realizes it, the better for him. When he starts getting in touch with his calmer side, he would get to understand how the LOL doll helped to shape him to the young man he would be in future.


Boy LoL  Surprise Dolls


Punk Boi LOL Surprise Doll

Scribbles LOL Surprise Doll




If you ever wanted to get your son a LOL Doll, don’t hesitate to do so. You’ll be amazed as to how great his life would be at the end of the day!

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