2019 LOL Surprise Makeover Series 5 : Lil Brothers, lil Sisters & LiL Pets.

2019 LOL Surprise Lils Makeover series 5 is here. This buying guide is meant to provide you with information about the Makeover Series 5. If you wish to learn more about the makeover Series 5 (lil sisters, brothers and pets). Please, visit LOL Surprise Mgae for more information.

To buy the Makeover Series 5 – We recommend buying from LOL Surprise Amazon Store.


2019 LOL Surprise Makeover Series 5


Basically the LOL Makeover series comprises of Lil Sisters, Lil brothers and Lil Pets.  1 package can include 1 Lil Sister (with 5 surprises) or 1 Lil Brother (with 5 surprises) or 1 Lil Pet (with 7 surprises) —The Little (Lil) Pets can be Cats, Dogs, Owl, Hamster.


The 5 Surprises inside the LOL Makeover series


The following are the fives surprises that comes with each series 5 makeover package.


  1. Doll
  2. Water surprise sticker
  3. Secret Message
  4. Bag
  5. Keychain
  6. Accessories (shoes, necklaces, bracelets, book, food)
  7. Bottle


LOL Surprise #HairGoals (Makeover series 5)





The #Hairgoals comes with 15 surprises and the some have real hair and others have plastic. The ones that have real hair are called ULTRA RARE. The 15 surprises can be :
  1. A Brush
  2. A Bottle
  3. Accessories (shoes, necklaces etc)
  4. Outfit
  5. Secret message
  6. Hair Stickers
  7. Mirror
  8. Chair
  9. Another Accessory
  10. Hair
  11. Hair Curler
  12. Hair Spray
  13. Kitchen
  14. Rubber Outfit
  15. Sunglasses

LiL Sister


lil sister makeover series 5

The Lils comes with 1 Doll ( can be a girl or a boy) and 5 surprises and they can either be any of the following:


Lils sisters

  1. Lil Agent Baby
  2. Lil Leading Baby
  3. #Lilinstagold
  4. Her Lil Majesty
  5. Lil Jet Set QT
  6. Lil Pharaoh Babe

Lil Brothers

  1. Lil Caddy Boi
  2. Lil Bro Cheer


Lil Pets


lil pet series 5


The lil pets come with 7 surprises ( Scooper, bottle, accessory, secret message, water surprise sticker, Keychain, Sandpit)

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  1. Agent Purr
  2. Pup in the Woods
  3. Instabunny
  4. Jet Set Hop Hop
  5. Pup Cheer
  6. Oops Ham
  7. Fierce Meow
  8. Cuervo Bonito
  9. Witchay Kittay
  10. Hammy Tide


Where to buy the Makeover Series?


We always, recommend buying from Amazon for convenience. However, if you have a Walmart or Target store close to your neighborhood you may buy from the store. The problem with buying from the store is :

  • they might not have them in stock
  • It is time consuming


Ready to buy?


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